The Stain – Charlene Jones

Publisher Intro “Near Lake Erie, in the 17th century, Tahni weds Chief Takoda in a glorious meadow that exactly matches the beautiful meadow of her night dreams. She lives a life of happiness until Takoda does not return. Tahni’s breaking heart leaves her vulnerable to the medicine man, Chaytan, who uses his powers to connect his life with hers, beyond time.

“In London, England, in the 1890s, Mary stands wretched in a corner of the asylum rocking an invisible baby, yearning to get to the meadow she sees just beyond this world. A single visitor claims her, taking her from the institution. Who is this strange man? Can she truly heal from her heartache, betrayal and loss?

“Contemporary, middle-aged Diana weaves the tale of her life, including the rape she endured as a young girl, the madness that followed, and her trail of meditation and travel that led to healing. Her listener, the mysterious, attractive Jake, awakens feelings she had thought she’d never have again. Can she trust her heart and her life to his hands?

“Three women, their lives bound by a single horrifying event, replay madness, betrayal, brutality and loss until one of them finds a way to clear them all from the karmic suffering of The Stain. “

Comments from Charlene on her experience in the BookTrailer101 course.Booktrailer101 with Rich Helms began with our esteemed leader, Rich Helms, expounding the need for something called a Lead. The proper lead captures audience so they stay past the first five seconds of a trailer, their fingers don’t stray to other buttons, other clicks, other more satisfying views.

Five seconds! Not a lot of time, to put it mildly. Next, we were encouraged to also create a Log Line and a Tag Line (take his class to know more about these exotica).

Through the first couple of weeks words wandered through my fingers, onto the page, onto separate scrolls of the computer, while I looked the other way. I know this because the slips of paper with scraps of language, fragments, starts and finishes, each one at the moment bound to be “It” linger still around my room. As the words continued to dance in and out of my head, I began to recognize the music I wanted. By delving into Helms’ website and using the vast array of sites listed there, I heard bits and samples, seconds and minutes of music for hours, finally locating the exact kind of drums needed.

Now the words settled in along with the drums. Images! Collecting the images was fun, looking, choosing, deleting over and over until a small selection of possibilities remain. Then, the images came together with the words, and these with the music so something like a book trailer began to emerge. What shocked me was how much fun the process was! Our class contained some very intelligent people, who all took the work of others with the same respect and seriousness as their own which meant my trailer was critiqued properly. With their suggestions in mind, I came home, revamped and polished the piece until I felt satisfied.

Finally we were asked to add credits for Kevin MacLeod’s music. I also added a credit to Amber Robinson of for the help she provided. And of course the most credit to Rich Helms for spending over a year viewing thousands of videos and developing a unique, exciting and helpful approach to building your own BookTrailer.