Trailer Arc Examples

Escape from Furnace Series


This trailer begins with the brilliant lead: “Beneath Heaven is Hell, and beneath Hell is Furnace.” After the main character, Alex, is introduced, the brunt of the trailer is spent describing a typical day in Furnace. The challenge is then presented to do the impossible – escape, which is followed by praise and then the directive.

Frog Music


Frog Music is another interesting Trailer Arc beginning with author recognition (praise), then setting and spending most of the trailer in character development, moving to the act-one crisis and ending on the directive. This is about as elaborate an arc as you will typically see.

The Bleeding Land

The trailer begins with the setting, England 1642, then moves to ordinary world using voice-over narrative, as well as live video of a soldier loading and firing his musket. The flow moves back and forth between ordinary world and praise. It feels effortless and smooth. The trailer ends with the directive of the cover and websites.