In Three Acts

It is common to discuss a book as a three-act structure.

  • Book Act I – The Beginning
    Setup: Introduce the main characters, the world they live in, the inciting incident and the goal.
  • Book Act II – The Middle
    Confrontation: The rising action as the protagonist confronts the antagonist and the other obstacles.
  • Book Act III – The Resolution
    Resolution: This includes the climax and resolution of the story and subplots.


Book Trailer

A trailer is created with building blocks from Act I of the book. The trailer can be thought of as a three-act structure also, but with a twist, the curtain call.

  • Trailer Act I – Lead – Grab the viewer 
  • Trailer Act II – Excite – Build Interest
  • Trailer Act III – Amaze – Hook the viewer
  • Trailer Curtain Call – Direct where to buy or for more information and trailer credits