A non-fiction log line describes the area and problem, how you will solve the problem and why you are different. If your book is a true story, consider a fiction log-line.

  1. Genre: Topic of the book. (From Step 1).
  2. Key problem addressed: What is the reader problem you are addressing?
  3. Promise: How does the book solve the problem?
  4. Differentiation: How is the book different from other similar titles?

Now put these four elements together. It is critical that the log line convey a reader benefit. What’s in it for me?

Tag Line

Tag Line – a phrase for marketing materials designed to sell the book. Think high concept. Think SHORT! Think imagery, clever puns, something people can grasp quickly.

An excellent example from the Escape from Furnace series“Beneath Heaven is Hell, and beneath Hell is Furnace.”

Another favourite from Leviathan  – “The question is do you oil your war machines? Or do you feed them?”