Brock’s Agent – Tom Taylor

The Brock’s Agent trailer by Tom Tailor is an excellent example of a level-1 trailer created using

Trailer Arc


Here is the timeline script for the video. It is very well structured and guides the viewer.

  • A deadly mission for upper Canada’s first secret agent in the War of 1812. (Setup)
  • The future of two nations and an empire hang in the balance. (Stakes)
  • A kidnapped girl to rescue, and a fortune in furs to fight for in a battle to the death. (Goal)
  • A traitor to both sides must be found. (Adversary)
  • Only one young man stands in the way … Brock’s Agent. (Protagonist and tie to title)
  • One country’s hero is another’s scoundrel. (Hook)
  • “… this ripping yarn.” Canada’s Globe and Mail (Praise)

Tom Taylor