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Lead: 15 Excite: 49 Amaze: 14 Direct: 28
To This Day – For the Bullied and the Beautiful (1:46)
To This Day cover.jpg
Author: Shane Koyczan YouTube channel TED Talk @Koyczan Facebook

Publisher: Annick Press

@AnnickPress YouTube channel

ISBN: 978-1554516391
Date Published: August 2014
Target Audience: Ages 12+
Elements: Animation, Directive, Narrator (Slam Poetry)

Powerful trailer based on a slam poem by Shane Koyczan who performed at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The original version of the poem is also on YouTube and has been viewed over 14 million times. While the images support and reinforce the narrative, the audio could stand on its own like a radio performance.

The illustrations reveal over a school blackboard. At 1:46 the trailer is long but the message is so skillfully delivered the time whizzes by. The examples used are gut wrenching and relatable. The viewer empathizes with the people discussed. The images are presented with CGI effects but the power of the trailer is in the voice over. Like Blackbirds, the images support the narrative but the power is in the voice over.

LEAD Analysis

Lead Powerful Slam poem. LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] Poem builds and builds
Amaze [hook] "To this day, despite a loving husband she doesn't think she's beautiful."
Direct [directive] Long directive with nice music and details.

Publisher Intro

In February 2013, Shane Koyczan’s passionate anti-bullying poem “To This Day” electrified the world. An animated video of the lyric narrative went viral, racking up over 12 million hits to date and inspiring an international movement against bullying in schools. Shane later performed the piece to sustained applause on the stage of the 2013 annual TED Conference.

Now this extraordinary work has been adapted into an equally moving and visually arresting book. Thirty international artists, as diverse as they are talented, have been inspired to create exceptional art to accompany “To This Day.” Each page is a vibrant collage of images, colors and words that will resonate powerfully with anyone who has experienced bullying themselves, whether as a victim, observer, or participant.

Born of Shane’s own experiences of being bullied as a child, To This Day expresses the profound and lasting effect of bullying on an individual, while affirming the strength and inner resources that allow people to move beyond the experience. A heartfelt preface and afterword, along with resources for kids affected by bullying, make this book an invaluable centerpiece of the anti-bullying movement.

External Resources:

The original version of the poem on YouTube has been viewed over 14 million times. Video: