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Lead: 5 Excite: 6 Amaze: 11 Direct: 5
The Back Road (0:27)
The Back Road cover.jpg
Author: Rachel Abbott

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

ISBN: 978-1477807750
Date Published: October 2013
Elements: Directive, Special Effect

Nice simple trailer with strong music, still images with Ken Burns effect and flying titles. Punchy and quick. No fancy effects. The core of the trailer only uses 7 words and haunting images and music.

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LEAD Analysis

Lead "the quietest places..." LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] tension filled music and scenes of lonely roads and a girl in a ghost like state.
Amaze [hook] "... hide the darkest secrets"
Direct [directive] "From the author of Only the Innocent." Cover

Trailer Arc

Setup.jpg Crisis.jpg Directive.jpg

Publisher Intro

In a quiet country village, secrets abound.

When a young girl, Abbie Campbell, is knocked over and left for dead on the back road of the village of Little Melham, waves of shock ripple through the small community and a chain of events, which threatens to expose long-kept secrets, is triggered.

For Ellie Saunders, the truth about that night puts both her marriage and the safety of her children in jeopardy–she has to protect her family, no matter what the cost. And Ellie isn’t the only one with something to hide. She and her sister Leo believe they have put their troubled childhood behind them, but Leo’s quest for the truth reveals a terrible secret that has lain hidden for years.

Ellie’s neighbour, former detective Tom Douglas, has escaped to Little Melham in search of a quiet life, but finds himself drawn into the web of deceit as his every instinct tells him that what happened to young Abbie was far more than a tragic accident.

In this gripping novel, the peaceful English countryside belies the horrible truths that lurk beneath the trimmed hedgerows, behind the closed doors of smart sitting rooms and within unspoken conversations.