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Step 7. Upload/Promote Video


To show your video on the web, it has to be hosted. The most popular video-hosting site is There are other sites such as, but the most widely supported is YouTube. YouTube handles converting to various data streams and qualities for smart phones on phone networks vs. high-speed desktop connections. Upload the highest quality you have, YouTube will automatically select the quality and stream for the device.

Once your video is uploaded, you can use the YouTube link and embed codes to place your video on other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

People can find your video in several ways. They could land on your site and see it embedded in a page. As they are already in your website, there is opportunity to offer more information including how to purchase. But many people browse YouTube, so you want to make your trailer findable. If after viewing your trailer in YouTube, they want more information, you want them to click on a link in the description to visit your website.

Before you upload write the Description and Tags

Be sure to include a link to your website in the YouTube description.

Your trailer is done, but there is one last writing step before you start sharing: it is time to write your description and tags. The description tells about the book. A good starting point is the back cover text.

Second, include a link to your book website with a COMPLETE URL including the http:// or https:// up front. Most sites will automatically convert this to a link for people to click. YouTube will not know that is a web address and just leave it as text, forcing a viewer to copy and paste to the browser location bar. The page you link to should be for that book. Don't make the viewer hunt through your site. The page you link to should have links to purchase the book.

Tags are words or short phrases that are used for searching. There are some obvious ones to include:

  • Book name
  • Fiction or Non-fiction
  • Genre
  • The book theme - action, romance, thriller, horror ...

Include in your description

  1. Back cover text telling about the book
  2. Complete link to your website
  3. Tags/keywords

Most sharing of your book trailer starts with YouTube. It is worth the time to do your YouTube upload right.

To upload a video, you will need a YouTube (Google) account. The nice thing is that people tend to go to YouTube and look around. Be sure to select your tags carefully. Tags are the words people can search on to find your video.

Upload your video, put in your description including your web address. YouTube assumes it is a link when the URL begins with http:// or https://

Once you have your video on YouTube, you need the share link and embed codes. Play your video. Below the viewer, you will see Share and Embed buttons. If you click on Share, you see

YouTube share.jpg

The value in the box (in this case is the link. It is selected so you just have to right click and select copy. Save this link with your description.

Click on the Embed button and you see this. Below the iframe information it says Show More. Click on that to see this.

YouTube embed.jpg

With the checkboxes at the bottom you can control size and if suggested videos show at the end.

The code in the box (in this case <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> ) is the code you use for your website to put in a viewer.

Now you have:

  1. Book Description including a complete link to your website
  2. Tags/keywords
  3. YouTube link
  4. YouTube embed code

Immediate Uses for YouTube Information

  1. Using the embed code update your website with your trailer.
  2. Update your email signature to point to your book website which has the trailer or directly to the trailer on YouTube.
  3. Add a link to your trailer on any book seller pages on your book such as Amazon.

Post on Facebook

Now that you have the link to your YouTube video you can post it on Facebook. Here is a cool trick

Post on Facebook.jpg

Paste the link to the YouTube video. Wait. Facebook puts in the description and image automatically. Now delete the address and type in or paste the description you want to show. You can even put in a link to your website. Then click on Post.

Vimeo is similar in concept to YouTube. It is popular with the arts groups as it doesn't cater as much to dumb 'puppy/kitty' videos. To upload to Vimeo you need a free account. Vimeo tends to have a more professional feel to it.

Again plan your tags and description. Also put in a complete link to the book website. Then, like YouTube, get the link to and embed codes for the Vimeo video.


If you want some solid criticism on your new trailer upload it to, an interesting website all about book trailers.

Love their tag line – Don't judge a book by its cover. Judge it by its bookreel!

There are some strong players here and there is a great collection of trailers to browse, catalogued by genre.

I can see I will be spending significant time here. My nickname is BookTrailer101 on the site. is a popular social media site for authors and readers. They offer an author program to promote yourself and your books. GoodReads also has a Book Trailer group that runs a monthly book trailer competition.

Tweet to your followers about your trailer. Use the link to your website page or your YouTube video link.

LinkedIn's THE TRAILER PARK - New book trailers

This is a LinkedIn discussion group about book trailers.

External Resources

Now that your video is in YouTube and you are prepared with your description, tags and link to your video you can upload to other sites to gain exposure. There are many lists of sites. Here are a few:

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