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Sainsbury’s Christmas advert (3:40)
Sainsbury ad.jpg
Company: J Sainsbury
Directed by: Ringan Ledwidge
Made in partnership with: The Royal British Legion
Date Published: Published on Nov 12, 2014
YouTube Views: 9.9M views in first week

This ad works on several levels. First the subject is topical as it is the 100th anniversary of WWI. The video is based on historical events but the story is made-up to encapsulate a series of these meetings. The treatment is very well done with great attention to historical accuracy. With 9.9 million views in the first week it exceeds every definition of viral. It is interesting to note 'The story behind our Christmas ad' video has 420,000 views in the first week while 'The making of our Christmas ad' video has 258,000 views.

The two lead actors give a brilliant performance and bring a tear to the eyes of many. The ad is subtle and at the end with profits from the candy sale to The Royal British Legion.

The ad has several key viral video ingredients.

  • Topical
  • Extreme emotion
  • Intense

Sainsbury's Christmas - The story behind our Christmas ad (3:18)


420K views in first week

Although the events we show in our ad are fictional, we’ve tried to make the details as accurate as possible. Everything from the insignia on the men's uniform to the depth of the trenches is based on historical fact.

In this short documentary we talk to the experts who advised us, interview the grandson of a soldier who was there, and hear first-hand accounts from both sides.

We’d like to thank Andrew Hamilton, Taff Gillingham of The Khaki Chums, Andrew Cleaver of, The Imperial War Museum for the use of their public archives and The Royal British Legion for their guidance, insight and support.

Sainsbury's Christmas 2014 - The making of our Christmas ad (3:16)


258K views in one week


Company Message

Presenting the new Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion. Inspired by real events from 100 years ago.

This year’s Christmas ad from Sainsbury’s – Christmas is for sharing. Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion, it commemorates the extraordinary events of Christmas Day, 1914, when the guns fell silent and two armies met in no-man’s land, sharing gifts – and even playing football together.

The chocolate bar featured in the ad is on sale now at Sainsbury’s. All profits (50p per bar) will go to The Royal British Legion and will benefit our armed forces and their families, past and present.

The Royal British Legion. Registered Charity No. 219279