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Echo Park - Michael Connelly – Sept 20, 2006 (9:41)
Echo Park cover.jpg

This is considered by many to be the first book trailer. It was uploaded to YouTube on Sept 20, 2006 and has been viewed over 50,000 times. The video is 9:41 long and cost about $10,000 to produce.

The video is a cinematic adaption of the book’s chapter one ending with the tagline – “Read what happens next in” – then a shot of the cover. The video ends with 53 seconds of production credits. The video is a low resolution of 320×240, which is 1/2 of normal standard definition’s 640×480 and a long way from today's HD 1080p at 1920×1080.

Book Trailer for Audio Book of Echo Park


Echo Park (Audio Book) - Michael Connelly - Nov 15, 2006 (2:02)

A book trailer for the audio book version was done later that same year. Clearly much lower budget. The trailer uses still shots from the cinematic trailer but was produced by Karen Cera of Hachette Audio while the original trailer was done by Terrill Lee Lankford. All of the live footage is unique to this trailer. Hachette Audio is who produced the audio book.

  • Fiction Approach: Plot Line
  • Elements: Directive, Video

Publisher Intro

In 1993 Marie Gesto disappeared after walking out of a supermarket. Harry Bosch worked the case but couldn't crack it, and the twenty-two-year-old was never found. Now, more than a decade later, with the Gesto file still on his desk, Bosch gets a call from the District Attorney.A man accused of two heinous murders is willing to come clean about several others, including the killing of Marie Gesto. Taking the confession of the man he has sought-and hated-for thirteen years is bad enough. Discovering that he missed a clue back in 1993 that could have stopped nine other murders may just be the straw that breaks Harry Bosch.