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Tom took my 5 week evening course at Trent University Oshawa in Jan/Feb 2015. This is his first trailer.

Brock's Agent


Trailer Arc

Setup.jpg Stakes.jpg Goal.jpg Obstacle.jpg Praise.jpg Directive.jpg


Here is the timeline script for the video. It is very well structured and guides the viewer.

  • A deadly mission for upper Canada’s first secret agent in the War of 1812. (Setup)
  • The future of two nations and an empire hang in the balance. (Stakes)
  • A kidnapped girl to rescue, and a fortune in furs to fight for in a battle to the death. (Goal)
  • A traitor to both sides must be found. (Adversary)
  • Only one young man stands in the way … Brock’s Agent. (Protagonist and tie to title)
  • One country’s hero is another’s scoundrel. (Hook)
  • “… this ripping yarn.” Canada’s Globe and Mail (Praise)

Tom Taylor