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Five Reasons You Need A Book Trailer:

  1. Sell your book: Like a movie trailer, a book trailer creates buzz for your book!
  2. Reach more readers: A well-produced book trailer drives traffic to your social media.
  3. Better than an elevator pitch: In one minute, you can get readers excited about your book.
  4. A professional touch: Self-published to large publisher, a book trailer brands you as an author.
  5. Create excitement: A trailer sets the scene for the book, creates tension and pace, and engages the imagination—all the things readers and editors look for.

It's never too early to start your book trailer! Book trailers get the attention of publishers and agents! And the same building blocks form your elevator pitch, book proposal, marketing pitch and even your back cover. Get started now!

Three-hour Master Class at Ontario Writers' Conference on April 24, 2015.

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A book trailer can be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Last year at OWC, Rich Helms presented a one-hour teaser featuring examples of different approaches. This year, he’s back with a Master Class, “Book Trailer 101,” which will cover the 7 steps to creating an effective trailer. Whether you are working on a first draft or your book is already published, the prep work for trailer creation can help you focus on what your book is actually about, create your elevator pitch and more. Participants will actually work with Rich to create a trailer for Terry Fallis’ first novel, The Best Laid Plans, during the three-hour session.

Canada Reads 2011 Winner By Terry Fallis

Back by popular demand a three-hour "Creating a Book Trailer" master class on Friday April 24, 2015.


5-week night course at Trent Univ in Oshawa

CREATE your own Book Trailer

This course is FULL.

Design, write, assemble, edit, upload and promote your own book trailer. Book trailer expert Rich Helms walks you through the steps, week by week, using only your own computer or laptop.

Course Outline

Each student will design, write, assemble, edit, upload and promote their trailer in the class. Each week concepts are introduced and then for homework students prepare their material for their trailer.

LEAD Timing components of a trailer.
  • Class 1 - Jan 12, 2015
    • What is a book trailer?
    • Step 1. Identify Audience
    • Step 2. Building Blocks
    • Homework: Create your Building Blocks.
  • Class 2 - Jan 19, 2015
    • Review building blocks created
    • Step 3. Select Approach
    • Step 4. Writing first script
    • Homework: Create first draft script
  • Class 3 - Jan 26, 2015
    • Review first draft scripts
    • Step 5. Acquire Media
    • Step 6. Assemble Video
    • Homework: Create first draft trailer
  • Class 4 - Feb 2, 2015
    • Review trailers
    • Animoto Tips and techniques
    • Homework: Second assembly
  • Class 5 - Feb 9, 2015
    • Review trailers
    • Demonstrate iMovie
    • Step 7. Upload and promoto

Book Trailer 101 enthusiasts

“The best way to drill down to what a story is about is to work on a book trailer. Rich Helms makes that easy.”
Cryssa Bazos, author of The Highwayman
“It was fabulous … got me thinking in all sorts of directions.”
Barbara Hunt, author and Director of Ontario Writers’ Conference
“It was a fun day of book promotions discussion and learning, covering everything from writing good copy to pre-set video templates ready for customizing to your project! Participants left with a solid understanding of what makes a good trailer, how to use it and where to get started.”
The Writers’ Community of Durham Region
“This is an awesome site, Rich, and what a wonderful workshop! I learned so much and had tons of fun. And I’ve already sent my book trailer to my agent and some editors.”
Sally Moore, author of Legend of Three Crowns and President, WCDR

Workshops Offered

The one hour is an introduction to book trailers. Various design approaches are demonstrated with example book trailers.
Also a one hour introduction to viral videos. Looking at the types and approaches to viral videos.
The three hour workshop introduces the complete flow to how to design, writer and create a book trailer. A sample case study is shown to demonstrate the process.
Each student will design, write, assemble, edit, upload and promote their trailer in the class.

Interview on WhiStle Radio 102.7fm

July 1, 2014 Before my five week workshop at Stouffville Library in Fall 2014 Catherine Sword interviewed me about book trailers. I enjoy talking about trailers and hope you can hear it in my words.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

WhiStle Radio 102.7fm