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Lead: 10 Excite: 27 Amaze: 27 Direct: 29
Where The Poppies Now Grow (1:33)
Where The Poppies Now Grow cover.jpg
Author: Hilary Robinson @H_A_Robinson

Illustrator: Martin Impey @Martin_Impey

Publisher: Strauss House Production

ISBN: 978-0-957124585
Date Published: March 2014
Elements: Directive, Narrator

This is a richly illustrated children’s book about two boys and their experiences in the First World War.

The trailer shows a series of watercoloured paintings from the book always sweeping using a Ken Burns effect to give motion. Strong narrator with background music of a treble solo, soft and haunting. The trailer is indicative of a simpler time and sets the tone of the book. This trailer could be produced with a basic video editor such as Apple’s iMovie and demonstrates that you don’t need a special effects team to make a moving trailer.

While this is a topic that could be overrun with emotion, the story is told via the two protagonists plot line.

LEAD Analysis

Lead Painting of a field of poppies. LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] Introduction of the main characters
Amaze [hook] Plot summary
Direct [directive] Cover, credits and at very end website

Trailer Arc

Character.jpg Challenge.jpg Directive.jpg

The trailer introduces the two protagonists then moves to the challenge in a plot line summary. The focus is on the characters.

Craig Walker.png

Thanks to Craig Walker who suggested this trailer.

Publisher Intro

The carefree childhood for Ben and his best friend Ray becomes a distant memory when they join the army to serve their country. But, in the midst of battle can their friendship survive? Published to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War and in homage to the war poets.

Where The Poppies Now Grow, written in rhyme with powerful illustrations, is a touching tribute to honour all those who sacrificed so much for peace.