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Lead: 9 Excite: 33 Amaze: 8 Direct: 10
Time Snatchers (1:00)
Time Snatchers cover.jpg
Author: Richard Ungar [1]

Elements: Animation, Directive, Sound Effect, Video (stock)
Publisher: Putnam @PenguinUSA

ISBN: 978-0399254857
Date Published: March 15, 2012

Great premise, an Oliver Twist with time travel. The trailer grabs you with an interesting visual and the lead. My first Fav from the CANSCAIP trailers.

The trailer opens with a video of an older pocket watch interior. If you listen closely there is ticking in the background. The protagonist Caleb is introduced in an Oliver Twist like setting but with a difference. What they steal is valuable and they travel in time to do it. This is Oliver with a real twist. Wonderful setting for a story.

Powerful music builds to the climax of the stakes if Caleb wants to quit. The trailer starts with the watch and ends with the ticking. I suspect most of the images are stock and the cloud zooms are probably also stock footage. Although the images are presented with CGI to create a custom animation approach, the power comes from the voice over so I would call this a level 2 trailer.

Nice trailer.

LEAD Analysis

Lead Setup an Oliver Twist with time travel. "Steal thing from across the centuries." LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] "rare, precious things... that some people will pay dearly for." So not really Oliver Twist. Much more. Now the trailer expands on the "ordinary world."
Amaze [hook] "unless you are willing to risk it all... on a single chance at freedom."
Direct [directive] Show book cover, author, publisher and website. The ticking is the final sound in the video.

Trailer Arc

Character.jpg Ordinary.jpg Challenge.jpg Directive.jpg

The trailer begins with a brief introduction to the main character Caleb but quickly moves to ordinary world explaining how he lives and survives. The challenge is presented that Caleb has to risk it all to quit then on to the directive.

Publisher Intro

The year is 2061, and Caleb's world is crashing down around him. The small group of orphans who were also "adopted" by Uncle used to feel like family, but both the competition to be the top time snatcher and the punishment for failure have gotten fierce. Time traveling to steal priceless objects can be a thrill, but with bully Frank trying to steal his snatches, his partner Abbie falling for Frank's slimy charms, and Uncle planning to kidnap innocent kids to grow his business, Caleb starts thinking about getting out. But there is no place on earth, past or present, that is safe from Uncle's tentacles, and runaways get the harshest punishment of all. Will Caleb risk everything to fight for the future he dreams about?