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Lead: 39 Amaze: 10 Direct: 22
The Copper Tree (1:11)
The Copper Tree cover.jpg
Author: Hilary Robinson, Mandy Stanley
Publisher: Strauss House Production

ISBN: 978-0-957124509
Date Published: April 10, 2012
Elements: Directive, Narrator

The book deals with a tough subject, the death of a adult as it pertains to a young child. Like the subject the trailer is gentle and caring. Like the other Strauss House Productions trailer, the images are from the book. Each picture is shown with a Ken Burns sweep, a piano solo background and a sincere woman's voice narration.

LEAD Analysis

Lead None LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] Gentle plot-line intro of death of the protagonist's teacher and how it is handled.
Amaze [hook] "Death is not necessarily the end. For what we leave behind can be everlasting."
Direct [directive] Cover, website and credits.

Trailer Arc

Crisis.jpg Challenge.jpg Motivation.jpg Directive.jpg

The trailer begins with the death of Olivia's teacher. The challenge is how to deal with the loss. The motivation is explained to illustrate the strategy. The trailers ends with the directive.

Publisher Intro

When Olivia's teacher, Miss Evans, dies, the children at her school are encouraged to think of everything that reminds them of her.

Written with touching sensitivity and sprinkled with light hearted moments, "The Copper Tree" is about love and legacy and will help children understand that while sadness is an inevitable part of grief, death is not necessarily the end... for what is left behind can be everlasting.

Produced in an accessible format, with a child as the narrator, together with delightful, whimsical illustrations by Mandy Stanley, these books are designed to help children help themselves, as well as to provide a ready resource for parents, carers and child care practitioners.

All the stories in the series were previewed during development by social workers, counsellors, psychologists, teachers and families affected by, or involved with, the issues that are covered.