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Excite: 6 Direct: 1
The Book of Bond (0:07)
Book of Bond cover.jpg
Publisher: DK Publishing @dkpublishing

ISBN: 978-0756665531
Date Published: August 16, 2010

Another favorite trailer is The Book of Bond. It is the shortest book trailer that I know of at 7 seconds. Just a collection of pictures of James Bonds from the movies with the sound of pages turning and a directive. The character images are so well known the approach works.

Missed Opportunity

The problem is the directive is only shown for one second. I have viewed and shown this trailer many times and when I did the timing was the first time I realized there was words on the directive. It flashes by then on YouTube it shows suggested other videos. It is a shame they didn’t show the directive for 5 seconds. When I first saw the trailer I had problem finding out what book it was.

I do understand the desire to have a length of (0:07)

LEAD Analysis

Lead None LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] Series of shots of James Bond from each movie. When the actor changes they use a page turn with sound effect.
Amaze [hook] None
Direct [directive] "For a more leisurely look, get the book." Cover and website address.

Publisher Intro

Learn to be just as sophisticated as 007 with this in-depth look at everything to do with James Bond. You'll find information on 007's styles, tastes and skills. Discover all about his many films, from the plot synopsis to credits and get an overview of all of Bond's favourite girls. Come face-to-face with his many enemies and find out all about them from detailed profiles. Meet his allies too, including the legendary M. Packed with amazing photos and incredible facts, this is a must-read for every Bond fan.