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Lead: 3 Excite: 72 Amaze: 5 Direct: 11
Suck on This Year (1:31)
LYFAO @ 140 Characters or Less
Suck on This Year cover.jpg
Author: Denis Leary
Publisher: Viking Adult
ISBN: 0670022896
ASIN: B004X8W6B6
Date Published: December 2010
Elements: Directive, Narrator, Video - Custom

Starts off with a rating from the Book Trailer Association of America which does not exist. Quickly you realize the trailer is humorous spoof. The video got a lot of press when it was released.

  • Book Trailer Association of America – no such thing. Looks official
  • Plays on trailers characteristics
  • Makes fun of itself
  • Feels like a big picture production until office scene

Selling now as a bargain book on Amazon (i.e. selling overstock returns)

Huffington Post: Denis Leary made this outrageous video last month, in which he said that people only pretend to read Jonathan Franzen. So, have you read "Freedom" yet?

LEAD Analysis

Lead Rating from the Book Trailer Association of America which does not exist. LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] Builds with action scenes. At 0:17 you realize it is a spoof.
Amaze [hook] "You know how long it is going to take you to read? Twelve minutes"
Direct [directive] Cover, funny comments and website.

Publisher Intro

One of America's most original and biting comic satirists, Denis Leary turns his irreverent eye and scathing humor on everything you love and cherish-and now he does it with a hilarious, illustrated collection of Tweets! Like a quiver full of arrows, Suck On This Year's barbs will hit you where it hurts-and you'll love it.