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Lead: 17 Excite: 23 Direct: 6
Shine On (0:46)
Shine On cover.jpg
Author: Allison Jewell!books/cnec] @AuthorAJewell Facebook

Series: The Shine On Series:
  • Shine On
  • Rise & Shine
  • Come Rain or Shine
Publisher: J.L. Publishing
Trailer by: Red 14 Films Facebook @Red14Films

ISBN: 978-0615810591
Date Published: April 24, 2013
Elements: Directive, Praise, Series, Sound Effect, Video (custom)

Short trailer uses misdirection to reveal the protagonist's true character.

Fun, simple, low-cost trailer. Only three static mount camera shots are used. As she climbs the hill, we see the overlay of simple puffs of steam coming from what we assume is a still at the top.

Missed Opportunity

The trailer does not mention that this is book one of a series.

LEAD Analysis

Lead Series of titles: Emmie Talbot is a quintessential good girl. Smart, Southern, Kind, Church Goer, Small Town Seamstress, Aspiring Teacher ... and a Misguided Moonshiner. LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] Praise displayed as she climbs a hill while puffs of steam come from the crest.
Amaze [hook] None.
Direct [directive] Book Cover and web address.

Trailer Arc

Character.jpg BackAndForth.png Praise.jpg Directive.jpg

The trailer introduces the "quintessential good girl" with many positive qualities, then does a 180-degree misdirection with "and a Misguided Moonshiner." The trailer shifts to praise and finishes with the cover.

Publisher Intro

Emmie's sole purpose in life was taking care of her moonshine loving step-father. When he is killed in a fiery crash on their farm, she is left alone and frustrated with a mountain of debt. Working as a seamstress for a crazy-old-coot shopkeeper is not the kind of life she had imagined for herself.

The curious events that surround her step-father’s death send Emmie on a quest for answers. Answers that lead to a dangerous secret tucked away on her property. Stumbling on a moonshine still was an unfortunate event for most folks in the hills of Kentucky. She was lucky not to have been shot on the spot. Emmie saw hope in the steam escaping the curved copper pipe of "Ole Maizy". However, a series of mishaps put her front and center in a local moonshine war.

In the midst of chaos, Emmie is befriended by an attorney recently transported from Chicago. Silas McDowell is a man seeking some answers of his own. In an attempt to find a little roaring twenties glamour in the small town, he introduces Emmie to the underground world of Speakeasies and Blind Pigs. Loyalty, lies, and murder conspire to push Silas and Emmie together or rip them apart. Cloaked in secrets and unsure whom to trust, Emmie must decide to drown in darkness or find a way to Shine On.