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Excite: 24 Amaze: 6 Direct: 7
Shh! We Have a Plan (0:36)
Shh! We Have a Plan cover.jpg
Author: Chris Haughton @chrishaughton

Publisher: CandlewickPress [ @Candlewick

ISBN: 978-0763672935
Date Published: September 9, 2014
Target Audience: Ages 5-9

Brilliant little trailer in its simplicity. Love that the indication the plan has failed is sound effects and the bird flying away.

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LEAD Analysis

Lead None LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] Bold graphics combines with simple animation and music. Setup is obvious. Sound effects add.
Amaze [hook] Change to title with sound effects of a plan gone wrong and the bird flying by. Brilliant
Direct [directive] Covers of books in series and website.

Trailer Arc

Setup.jpg Crisis.jpg Directive.jpg

Setup in forest with characters off to catch a bird. As they are about to swing the net we change to cover shot and sounds of a plan gone wrong then on to the series directive

Publisher Intro

From the creator of Little Owl Lost and Oh No, George! comes a funny, strikingly illustrated story of best-laid plans -- and the secret to attracting the birdie.

Four friends creep through the woods, and what do they spot? An exquisite bird high in a tree! "Hello birdie," waves one. "Shh! We have a plan," hush the others. They stealthily make their advance, nets in the air. Ready one, ready two, ready three, and go! But as one comically foiled plan follows another, it soon becomes clear that their quiet, observant companion, hand outstretched, has a far better idea. Award-winning author-illustrator Chris Haughton is back with another simple, satisfying story whose visual humor plays out in boldly graphic, vibrantly colorful illustrations.