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Lead: 5 Excite: 49 Amaze: 7 Direct: 3
Pentecost (1:04)
Pentecost cover.jpg
Author: Joanna Penn

Series: ARKANE Thriller
Publisher: The Creative Penn
ISBN: 978-1481928434
Date Published: January 2014
Elements: Directive, Video - Stock

Plot summary approach with stock photos and video and 300 Monks music. Creates a strong package. The premise of the book is appealing.

The author is a frequent blogger with advise based on her experience. I discovered 300 Monks music on her site. Large song collection and a low cost of $35 per for a web video.


LEAD Analysis

Lead "After the Resurrection... The Apostles took stones from the tomb of Jesus Christ." LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] Build on the power and story of the stones.
Amaze [hook] "Before Pentecost is summoned again... by evil."
Direct [directive] Cover and website.

Trailer Arc

Ordinary.jpg Crisis.jpg Character.jpg Challenge.jpg Directive.jpg

The trailer starts off with a good lead then spends 1/2 of the trailer setting up the ordinary world. It moves on to the act one crisis, introduces the protagonist then on to the challenge and concludes with the directive.

Publisher Intro

When Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead, the Apostles took stone from his tomb as a symbol of their brotherhood.

At Pentecost, the fires of the Holy Spirit empowered the stones and the Apostles performed miracles in God’s name throughout the Empire. Forged in the fire and blood of the Christian martyrs, the Pentecost stones were handed down through generations of Keepers who kept their power and locations secret.

Until now.

The Keepers are being murdered, the stones stolen by those who would use them for evil in a world transformed by religious fundamentalism. Oxford University psychologist Morgan Sierra is forced into the search when her sister and niece are held hostage. She is helped by Jake Timber from the mysterious ARKANE, a British government agency specializing in paranormal and religious experience.

From ancient Christian sites in Spain, Italy and Israel to the far reaches of Iran and Tunisia, Morgan and Jake must track down the stones through the myths of the early church in a race against time before a new Pentecost is summoned, this time powered by the fires of evil.