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Lead: 10 Excite: 97 Amaze: 7 Direct: 14
Neil Flambé (2:07)
Neil Flambe cover.jpg
Author: Kevin Sylvester @kevinarts



Publisher: Simon & Schuster Canada


ISBN: 978-1442446045
Target Reader: Grades 3 - 7
Date Published: January 2012
Elements: Directive, Narrator, Video

My first reaction to this video was that it was not a trailer at all but a tutorial. Then I thought about it and realized I was wrong. Kevin does a rolling commentary on his protagonist as he draws. The drawing technique is easy to follow and I can see kids trying it. Kevin comes across as inviting and fun. By the end you want to learn more (ie read) about Neil Flambé.

An unusual but very effective character trailer.

LEAD Analysis

Lead "How I draw Neil Flambé." Cool looking character and would be interesting to see how he draws it. LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] As Kevin does the drawing he introduces the protagonist Neil Flambé.
Amaze [hook] Intros the current and upcoming book.
Direct [directive] Book covers, draws website address.

Trailer Arc

Neil Flambé - Trailer Arc.png

A simple trailer arc. Kevin spends all of the trailer telling how to draw Neil Flambé as well as about his personality. It concludes with the directive.

Publisher Intro

Learn how to draw the fiery superchef Neil Flambé with Kevin Sylvester.

Neil Flambé is a 14-year-old wunderchef. He can cook anything, and he brags that he can cook it better than anyone else. He's cocky, but he may also be right. Patrons pay top dollar and wait months for reservations at his tiny, boutique restaurant. What many of Neil's patrons don't know is that he's also a budding detective. It all started when he used his knowledge of cooking and his incredible sense of smell to acquit his mother's client of murder. Ever since, Police Inspector Sean Nakamura has relied on Neil to help him crack case after case.

Neil Flambe twitter.png