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Mutant Giant Spider Dog (3:58)

Mutant Giant Spider Dog.jpg

Author: SA Wardega

Facebook YouTube channel (Polish)

Date Published: Sep 4, 2014
YouTube Views: 124 million views as of Jan 2, 2015

This video is the definition of a viral video. With 115 million views in the first three months it certainly passes the count test. SA Wardęga is an actor/director from Poland. His YouTube channel was created on Jan 30, 2012 has over 2.8 million subscribers and over 400 million views.

Mutant Giant Spider Dog is a wonderful video which juxtaposes the cute happy dog with the hairy monster spider costume. The beginning sets up the creature but as the first gag concludes you realize the monster is a happy little dog. Now that the audience is in on how the gag works the elevator setup is introduced. Our happy spider licking the poor dead person's face. Wonderful.

The final spiderweb gag had me laughing out loud. Brilliant.