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Lead: 13 Excite: 72 Amaze: 6 Direct: 11
Midnight Crossroad (1:41)
Midnight Crossroad cover.jpg
Author: Charlaine Harris @RealCharlaine

Trailer by: Meerkat Media Collective @meerkatmedia

Publisher: Penguin Group @penguinusa

ISBN: 978-0425263150
Date Published: May 2014
Elements: Directive, Narrator, Praise, Series, Special Effect, Video - Custom

Most of the trailer is spent describing the ordinary world - day in the life of Midnight, Texas. Interesting use of titles floating like they are positioned in 3D space. The video moves along smoothly and quickly. The first 45 seconds is introducing the town of Midnight, the rest the setup for the book. The narrator, fingerpicking banjo music and video all help to create a creepy "Deliverance" like feeling.

Strong cinematic trailer. Two versions of the trailer. 1:41 and a 0:57. While I generally prefer one minute the shorter video skips the first 45 seconds with the town setup and narration. The trailer loses the punch in its shorter format.

LEAD Analysis

Lead "Where do you go... when you want to disappear?" LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] Population sign changes from 84 to 83. "Real curious ones might stop at the pawn shop" while showing bizarre items. Haunting banjo music. Images of run down places. Praise (#1 New York Times bestselling author), Author is the Sookie Stackhouse Series, first novel in a new series.
Amaze [hook] "Every town's got its secrets... some has got a few more than others."
Direct [directive] Book cover, author name and when available.

Trailer Arc

Challenge.jpg Setup.jpg Ordinary.jpg Praise.jpg Directive.jpg

Begin with the challenge - "Where do you go... when you want to disappear?" Move to setting - Midnight, Texas. Focus on life in Midnight with injections of praise and part of a series. Finish with a directive and praise.

Publisher Intro

Welcome to Midnight, Texas, a town with many boarded-up windows and few full-time inhabitants, located at the crossing of Witch Light Road and Davy Road. It’s a pretty standard dried-up western town.

There’s a pawnshop (someone lives in the basement and is seen only at night). There’s a diner (people who are just passing through tend not to linger). And there’s new resident Manfred Bernardo, who thinks he’s found the perfect place to work in private (and who has secrets of his own).

Stop at the one traffic light in town, and everything looks normal. Stay awhile, and learn the truth…