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Lead: 5 Excite: 30 Amaze: 9
Buying Cigarettes for the Dog (0:44)
Buying Cigarettes for the Dog cover.jpg
Author: Stuart Ross

Wikipedia @MrRazovsky

Publisher: Freehand Books

ISBN: 978-1551118796
Date Published: April 1, 2009 (makes sense)
Elements: Narrator, Video - Custom

Note: If you google "book trailer video" the Huffington Post article is on the first page. This is the first video listed. Good or bad it got attention in a large article.

Huffington Post - Book Videos: 19 Of The Best And The Worst (VIDEOS)</a>

  • Number one in list was Stuart’s trailer
  • HP: “Is this the worst book trailer ever? Or does it somehow miraculously go 360 degrees past being bad, landing somewhere nearby "good"? You decide.”
  • Is it effective - perhaps not BUT it did make number one in a major article

LEAD Analysis

Lead Shaking hand written title page LEAD Timing Stopwatch.png
Excite [interest] Introduce three items
Amaze [hook] 'Mr and Ms consumer, the choice is yours.' - Fun poke
Direct [directive] None

Missed Opportunity

No directive on the book cover, name or where to buy. A shame Stuart just didn't have a second hand written page with the book title and his name.

Publisher Intro

A man steps out for a pack of smokes and winds up walking around the planet; a woman sun-tanning by a pool finds herself covered in chicken feet; a guerrilla army of cows infiltrates a big city; a man hires a bodyguard to protect him from his poodle. The first book of fiction since 1997 from the consummately underground Stuart Ross blends an unflagging penchant for experiment with the measured skill of a seasoned, highly disciplined craftsman. Buying Cigarettes for the Dog is anything but a collection of linked stories in a homogenous voice: instead, Ross offers us fables, letters, political tracts, gems of minimalist surrealism, and even a post-gothic novella. Throughout, he draws from the same deep, dark sense of humour that has earned him acclaim as Canada’s foremost surrealist poet. Ross’s strange, strangely compassionate stories engage the emotions as well as the intellect, giving the reader no choice but to participate. Buying Cigarettes for the Dog holds a mirror to the absurdities of 21st-centruy Earth; here is an absurdism so true that it becomes real.