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iBooks Author

Today I submitted the eBook version of Book Trailer 101 Primer to Apple for approval and release in the iTunes book store. I have been very impressed with the iBooks Author application for creating the ebook. Last week a new version was released which supported an ePub3 format that could be read not only by iPad and OSX Macs but now read on an iPhone. The ePub template was easy to use and modify. I found it nice to read on both the iPad as well as an iPhone.

I uploaded the resulting ebook but got this error screen.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.55.06 AM

ERROR ITMS-9000: The a element must not appear inside a elements.

The problem described is when you have an anchor inside an anchor. But I was using the Author application so I could not figure out how this was happening. I unpacked the ePub file and examined the offending files.

One I had set up links inside of widgets. The second issue I discovered was putting links inside a glossary entry. The application did not support creating a link in the glossary or widget. I discovered if I created the link in the regular text then copy/pasted it in I could create the link. The problem is now I have an embedded link in a link.

Solution. Remove the links inside of glossary entries as well as widgets. Problem solved.

With luck the book will be released soon.

Book Trailer 101 Primer Released

After releasing my Book Trailer 101 book, I received requests for a version focused on the how-to with none of the theory. “Book Trailer 101 Primer” is a smaller book laying out the steps to create your effective book trailer. It is lower cost, smaller size (6″x9″) and also available in Kindle format. iBooks and ePub3 formats are in the works.

Kindle edition from $3.99
Paperback edition from $9.95

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