LEAD Structure of a Movie Trailer

Stopwatch w LEAD Timing TransparentI was speaking on Movie Trailers at Cinechats at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. While I was writing a few slides I applied the LEAD structure to Movie Trailers.

  • Lead – Grab the audience – Answer the viewer’s question: Why should I give you 30 seconds of my time?
  • Excite – Build interest – Why should I continue to listen/watch?
  • Amaze – Hook – Why is this book/movie different?
  • Direct – Directive – How do I learn more or buy?

Movie Trailers usually come in three time frames:

  1. Teaser – a year ahead – Build buzz. Film still in production
  2. Coming soon – a month before – Intro plot line
  3. Out now – opening week to month – excite/directive to see

What I realized as I watched a number of movie trailers is the time frame effects how much of the LEAD structure is used.

  1. Teaser trailer – focus on Lead and Excite
  2. Coming Soon trailer – full LEAD cycle
  3. Out Now trailer – focus on the Amaze and Directive

Trailer LEAD Sweeps

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